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Wednesday, November 04, 2020

In recent months, even with a pandemic going on and all the other madness that 2020 has served us for all 3 courses - black women are still doing their thing and going all the way off. I've been meaning to do this post for a while, amounting everything I feel to be making shifts in the world of fashion. Fashion, typically, has been seen to be an escape route for many allowing for exploration in a creative setting. For me, I have always been amazed and in awe of the capabilities of fashion designers and creatives alike. With fashion week being put on hold for the S/S 2021 shows that usually take place in Sept-Oct - there have still been exceptional collections. 

The first being the SAVAGE x FENTY, with the creativity of the show not being put down by COVID. The delivery? Astounding. Rihanna, as a creative spirit, never fails to deliver shows that embody so much more than style. The show included various performances including Miguel with his wife Nazanin walking for his segment in the show. What is clear is the freedom of expression and self appreciation that is present in the energy of the SAVAGE x FENTY shows. Evidently, this derives from the aura Rihanna has carried throughout her music career and her flexibility in delivering various styles and methods in not just her music but fashion. She highlights this in the in show interviews, revealing why her she remains so passionate for inclusivity. The exploration of different women bodies and their ability to be truly free in their beauty despite colour, gender, sexuality etc - the show is a testament that all women are beautiful. Whilst some began critiquing Victoria Secret for their lack of inclusivity, to anyone with a mind, the SAVAGE x FENTY show delved deeper than any couture house or brand by creating an experience. The ability to have dancers delivering sets in lingerie shows Rihanna's ability to incorporate her own experiences and knowledge of the movement of the female body without a potential nip slip. 

Beyoncé continues to dominate the world of athleisure wear with her brand IVY PARK with her new collection and British Vogue cover for December. Throughout her career, we have seen her explore style and fashion whilst demonstrating messages within it. Her shoot for Vogue was no different, looking at the exploration of street style and high fashion - which is where we can see IVY PARK was created for.  The brand has been around now for over 4 years demonstrating shifts in sports wear by exploring various styles and branching outside of the expected. Being one of the first female black owned brands to delve into the world of sportswear, it is clear that since the IVY PARK collaboration aims to continue pushing boundaries. 

With these two fashion conscious women creating new movements in their respective fields - lingerie and athleisure - their message remains the same. Within the realm of lingerie and the exploration of self, Rihanna has been successful in allowing for not just the sample sized woman but all women to feel included and sexy. Lizzo, who has been ambushed by media for her body positivity, featured in the show in front of a mirror exploring the beauty of the female body. SAVAGE x FENTY created room for conversation about the never ending empty issues attached to women being sexy for themselves as opposed to being sexual objects and overly sexualised for men. Beyoncé through IVY PARK allows for another sector of fashion, which has typically been made for performance as opposed to look, to be remade and shifted in a way where both men and women alike can feel good in athleisure. Both of these women evidently show that again women are superhuman. Our ability to create is endless, pushing boundaries and cultural norms. Fashion goes far beyond the garments but the message and story arguably are more important. Let this be a reminder that our bodies deserve to be any notion we give them. 

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