Do You Even Know What You're Voting For Sis?

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Right so let's not play games now because the truth of the matter is the general election really is in a couple of days - making it a more pressing issue now more than ever to be politically aware. You're claiming to be Labour but do you even know what they've promised under their manifesto? Probably not but you've still changed your name on twitter to Labour with a cute rose. Too close to home? Well. It's this kind of behaviour that led to people voting leave - on the basis of literally no knowledge and pre determined opinions influenced by media. I know ultimately this is the result of most elections, we can literally look at the whole issue with the legitimacy of Trump's presidency. Ultimately, it is the voters responsibility to look at what is being given to them and decide whether this is at all applicable to their own ethics and opinion. To make it easy I've broken down the key promises presented in the manifestos of the 2 'major' parties - now you don't have an excuse to not know why you're putting that rose in your bio:

Conservatives - 59 page manifesto - "Get Brexit Done" 

  • Brexit: 
    • Aim to put the EU withdrawal agreement through parliament BEFORE Christmas to meet the Brexit deadline (31st Jan) - basically Get Brexit Done no matter what.
    • No extension beyond Dec 2020
  • NHS:
    • Hire 50,000 nurses 
    • 50 million EXTRA GP appointments 
    • 40 new hospitals
    • Increased NHS surcharge for non-residents
  • Tax:
    • No increase on income tax, National Insurance and VAT (currently at 20%)|
    • Reduce business rates
    • Stricter anti-tax avoidance and tax evasion measures 
  • Economy:
    • 10 new freeports
    • Expand start-up loans for new business owners 
    • 80% of UK trade covered by free trade agreements within three years
  • Education:
    • £30,000 starting salary for teachers 
    • Increase number free schools
    • £3 billion in national skills fund 
  • Climate:
    • Plant 75,000 acres of trees per year
    • Deposit return scheme (glass and plastic)
    • £6.3 billion for energy efficiency 
  • Crime:
    • Aim to pass Domestic Abuse Bill
    • Stop and search for 'known' knife carriers
    • 100,000 more prison places 
*NB: this is just a snippet of all the policies presented in their manifesto

Labour: 105 page manifesto - "It's Time For Real Change."

  • Brexit:
    • Aim to renegotiate deal - then following present a referendum within 6 months (choice of new deal and remain in EU)
  • NHS:
    • INCREASE total spending by 4.3% per year
    • Free annual dental check ups 
    • Additional £1.6 billion on mental health services 
      • £845 million for child mental health 
  • Tax:
    • NO tax rises for 95% of people
    • Raise tax for £80,000+ earners
    • Corporation tax up to 26% by 2022
    • 200% tax on second homes owners 
  • Economy:
    • Nationalise the following: Royal Mail, Rail, Water, Buses and Energy
    • Public Fibre broadband for all
    • National investment bank
  • Education:
    • Class sizes to 30 MAX
    • 150,000 more EARLY YEARS staff
    • Replace OFSTED
    • ABOLISH tuition fees
      • Reintroduce maintenance grants 
    • free school meals for all primary school children
  • Climate:
    • 90% of electricity and 50% of heat renewable - 2030
    • Tidal power trial 
    • Upgrade 27m homes to TOP energy efficiency
  • Jobs:
    • Removal of Zero Hour Contracts 
    • £10 per hour minimum wage for over 16s 
    • Cut the working week to 32 hours 
    • 4 NEW bank holidays 
*NB: this is just a snippet of all the policies presented in their manifesto

I've only broken down a couple aspects of each manifesto to give you an overview of what you're essentially going to be voting for. If you're choosing to be 'tactical' with your vote, make sure you're well informed in your decision and not just doing so cause you've been advised to. Put it this way, come Friday morning the direction of where everything is going could change drastically - by not voting or voting without thinking could be the difference between a party you want and one you don't. It sounds really dramatic but it's true. I can't influence who you vote for but I can help keep you informed and if you want the breakdown of the other manifestos click here for a similar simplified version. Remember, you're not just voting for how you want the whole Brexit issue to go down but literally everything else too. So. VOTE WISELY. 

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