What Do You Value.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

I don't know about you but sometimes I like to sit back and reflect on where I currently am in life - I say I like lightly because sometimes we are so pressured into thinking about our next move or play. This usually makes you feel as though you aren't achieving or lack there of but I'd argue the opposite. About a year ago now I did a podcast episode with another content creator Hannah Ashton (click to buy her planner) - a US based lifestyle content creator - on "the importance of sharing your values and ideas". I recently re-listened to the podcast and although sometimes it can be awkward hearing yourself back but it's made me realise just how much I know I've done over the years, as well as reflect on the ideas that I abandoned. This led me to the point I am now - questioning what do I value and why?

As I hope you are all now aware, if not I'm genuinely concerned, a general election is upon us and your vote counts. I was recently talking to one of my friends about the election and it was brought to our attention that she won't be eligible to vote as she's a EU citizen, although she has lived here for practically all her life. With Brexit constantly bombarding us, it seems that these are the type of people that deserve a voice alongside British citizens - as this vote could ultimately could change their way of life in this country. By bringing up the topic alone, we were able to understand each other stances and perspectives on various issues - unpicking what we value and why we do. Another conversation with other students revealed that some people think their vote just doesn't count. Although true in some constituencies, the way the country is set up - we cannot afford to generalise and feel 'safe' by not voting. This, among various other conversations with people, showed me that either people think their vote is worthless and others wish they had the opportunity to vote.

With me, I believe that even on a local government level from voting for councillors to your local mayor has an impact on how your daily life is ran. Even, something as small as a bus route is political  - without you even realising it. What's important to realise is that this vote isn't a hidden referendum as some would think - but instead we are voting on how this country is ran for the next 5 (well this is questionable) years. Some of you keyboard warriors have a lot to say on social media, but yet fail to realise the importance of educating yourself before feeding others false information.

First things first, discover what party you're most aligned with and learn more about their policies and plan of execution - just because your mum is voting Labour doesn't mean you need to. By discover, you can literally use online tests which to be fair are actually quite accurate. If not, talk to people and openly vocalise your opinions. If you're a university student - REGISTER TO VOTE AT HOME AND UNI - although you can't vote in both you could potentially tactically vote depending on the voting history of the constituency.

If you take anything from this post - CLICK HERE to register to vote.

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