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Thursday, March 07, 2019

What remains wild and incomprehensible to me at this moment in time is the fact that we are 3 months into the new year already - almost hitting our first quarter. Taking time to reflect is usually a norm for me, however at the rate I've noticed the year going at it's made me notice that time to take a moment to breathe is becoming less frequent. 2019 for many people began as a year that had a type of significance to them, whether that be self growth and development or a year of fresh goals and aspirations. As a Christian, I know that I'm not alone when I reflect on the space I myself have created with God. Instead of pondering and reflecting on whether I've created to large of a gap it would be more logical to take this time to bring not myself to a point of reflection but you reading this too.

Outside of the realm of faith, self reflection at different points of the year are and have proven pivotal in strengthening the route I'm choosing for myself. What's more is the realisation of big milestones that I can now see coming faster than imagined - for you this might be graduation or even something as simple as a coming of age. When time is happening at the rate it's going, it's easy to forget to enjoy the moments you're in and the people you're having them with. The recent unexpected passing of British rapper Cadet shook a feeling of realisation in me and I know I'm not the only one - a realisation that time isn't in our hands and can be taken from us at any time. Without causing you to now feel a sense of sadness, what should be our immediate reaction to such is an appreciation of this time we've been given. 

There are so many wasted ideas and plans that aren't put into the world because of the thought that we can do it later. But instead of thinking along these lines, surely we should put our ideas out into the open - without restraint of self and being wholly delved into it for you and you alone. I know this upcoming Easter season, with the beginning of Lent a lot of people will or have given something up for the next 40 days. The movement 40acts challenges people to give instead of give up something during the period of Lent - which I believe would be a greater change to you and the people around you. Acts of generosity and simple acts of love are what this world needs - in light of the current tensions across the globe. I believe in a God of the promise He will guide those that chose Him as their guide - my prayer is that He is your choice. If not I hope you take time to reflect on the year at this point in time. What's next for you? 

This is the album reference - song God Of The Promise.

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