Ok I have to admit that this British sun has been doing the most - I'm currently writing up this post thinking when the next gust of wind will bless me before I collapse. After completing my exams, a holiday was definitely needed to recoup and get back to being relaxed after almost 3 weeks of intense hell - no exaggeration being made it was hell on earth. My friend and I had literally started planning for this last year in December - we settled on going to Portugal as opposed to other 'typical British' destinations. Based on our understanding, it was going to be quiet enough (which we saw to be otherwise) and hot enough for what we wanted out of our holiday. An outline of what we wanted - sun, sea, food, drinks and positive vibes. Did we get it? Damn straight.

We booked through an agent and the process was pretty standard nothing too write home about if I'm honest. The Algarve is known for being predominately a spot for night life for the Brits and quite surprisingly the Dutch - which we didn't expect. During our time, we stayed at KR Hotel which if you're planning on going to Albufeira was the perfect distance from 'The Strip' and Old Town. The staff there are honestly amazing and welcoming - but one thing I would note is the hotel is more suited to couples and friends would not say it's ideal for families.

In terms of price ranges, we saw that what you want out of the holiday completely alters the prices of things - completely inevitable but I thought I would just note that. To give you a rough idea for a rum and coke prices varied from €4 - €8 depending on where you were. 

Old town was beautiful - your typical Mediterranean town with the retained buildings and tiles on the ground. There are a couple of restaurants by the seafront, had the best margarita pizza that was fresh and honestly I think the view made it better. If you're looking for culture and originality I would definitely say to branch more towards Old Town - it has retained Portuguese culture the most and is probably a better reflection of the country.  

We're already planning our next trip and I'm excited to share more trips with you guys - there's more on my Instagram which if you're not following is @tslondonn.

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