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Monday, February 26, 2018

As all women do, I'm currently in a phase of trying to make myself healthier and embrace a positive mindset. But - I'm praying that this is not just a phase but soon becomes a lifestyle as exam season creeps upon us I know the feelings that tend to be attached to it and I really refuse any part of it. My friends laugh when they hear me adding a new thing to my daily routine or a new found favourite of mine - purely because I will go to any length possible to ensure I'm at my best 365 days a year especially when it comes to dealing with school and associated 'stress'.

'Stress' as a word is one I absolutely hate and avoid at all costs based on my belief that whatever you speak out is what you become - for example if I constantly say I feel sick or something gives me a headache I become it. Many people are starting to discover this after reading 'The Secret' and the idea of 'law of attraction' - that's not really what I'm on about but if that makes more sense then you get the gist. Whether you're at school, work or university there comes a time where you do become overwhelmed and truly feel the effects of fatigue. Over working yourself is definitely one of the things I do to myself, resulting in cold like symptoms and overall angry moody Tiffany. Which if you know me personally, isn't the best version of me. So, is there really a way to tackle fatigue? Sleep, duh and a little bit of coffee 4x a day? Come on sis, do better.

I received the Vitamin B-Complex supplements from the lovely people at Incite Nutrition (click here) which:

  • helps maintain normal mental performance i.e. keep your brain at its best 
  • reduce tiredness and fatigue
Usually, I would have a coffee as soon as I wake up to keep myself from knocking out back to sleep by the time I get in to lessons - but these work with consistent use. I've noticed that you have to stick to them to see the best results, which is like any supplements to be honest but I can honestly vouch for how great they are. Currently on the Incite Nutrition site they are £8.99 for 180 tablets which is more or less a 6 month supply - a bargain. 

They stock everything you need from protein powder to hair and nail supplements - allowing for a one stop shop for your health needs. Check back in a couple months and I'll let you guys know how I've found the total 180 days of taking the supplements. I can tell you now, it's literally only up from here. 

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