Are We Becoming Too Defensive?

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

In the last week, Kim Kardashian has received a whole lot of hate for her 'Bo Derek' braids - with many coming for her due to her not commending or celebrating an originally 'black' style. Cultural appropriation? Or is it simply a hair style? I'm not going to comment on the matter, but what has become apparent to me is the quick spreading ability to spread hate - let's make it clear there is a clear difference between EDUCATING and SCHOOLING. 

Are we becoming too defensive is the question that's been spiraling round my mind recently, which I would argue to some extent we are. Why? Although Kim may have been on the wrong (again I'm remaining neutral) on the representation of the style, should we then come for every black model who chooses to wear 28 inches of Brazilian or Malaysian straight instead of the Afro crown one is born with? Expression can be done in so many different ways, dependent on the artistic stance you choose to take with a shoot or with yourself. 

Instead of creating a negative image for the black community - as people who instead of educating others are quick to comment on issues that they themselves are not educated on. The 'Black Renaissance' movement that Diddy is promoting on social media - alongside his new TV show 'The Four' is exactly the way we should be heading. Promoting our own, learning with each other and motivating one another through uplifting. How does this link to Kim's hair? Well, if we ignore the artistic stance of 'nudity' that many found distasteful and focused purely on her hair - by separating the two and educating her and others about the origins would benefit not only her understanding but that of her children should they find interest in hair later on.

Being proud of our uniqueness is one thing, surely we should continue this educating to others and be understanding when people don't get it. Maybe hair is hair? Art is Art?

That's my two pence. 

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