Sunday, December 10, 2017

It's snowing in London and I'm angry af! I sure as hell know I'm not the only one who hates snow and the inconveniences it creates but hey. This morning I couldn't get to church, Uber decided to try and rob me of £33 for a trip that normally costs £7 - you must be mad sis. But on the bright side, it's cute to see all the kids in my neighbourhood enjoying the snow making snowmen - a simpler time. My snow routine since then has changed, includes a large cuppa to blankets and my winter playlist whilst getting some work done.

Winter in England is no joke, the weather makes you feel like your eyes are ice cubes and your hands are left senseless. To help keep all of us Brits warm I've featured some of my favourite fur coats under £75 so whatever your budget HUNTY I GOTTCHU. The bomber coat I'm wearing is from Missguided's A/W 2016 collection and I tried to find it but couldn't - as always I found some alternatives so:

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