Girl, You 'bout That Protein?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

It's wet, cold and I can hear little kids screaming 'muddy puddles' - welcome to winter in London guys. It's always after summer that I start getting fanatic about health, to avoid cold and flu season at all costs also to try and shed a few pounds or maintain my weight during the festive season. Costa and Starbucks start to cram with customers longing for their Christmas sugar kick - I sure as hell am one of them lets not beat around the bush! With the calorie content in some of those drinks, I know I need to ensure that I'm working to keep the pounds off.

A couple of months ago Pulsin was kind enough to send me some of their protein bars and protein powder - which to be honest I was a bit shooketh about as it reminded me during the summer months of the winter that was ahead. Now at that point that I was envisioning, I tried their stuff and listennnn hunty!

Ok so I will keep it 100 with you guys and admit that I've never been a huge fan of protein bars at all - I just always thought they tasted processed and fake if you ask me. That's why I was so intrigued by Pulsin as a brand who promise to create products for all ages that ensure that we are staying healthy whilst enjoying the products we consume. I tried the vanilla choc chip protein bar and mint choc chip too - personally after trying both I preferred the mint choc chip, it had more of a chocolate feel to it so I almost forgot that I was eating a protein bar. I definitely think that the bars are an acquired taste that I think if you like 'raw' and 'organic' in taste type protein bars then you'll like these.

The protein powder was a hit with me, I didn't even taste it in anything I was having and still got to reap the benefits. Personally, I prefer that in a protein powder - not to taste chalky or feel the grains in a smoothie. I added a heaped tablespoon to my smoothies and half to my breakfast bowls - with honey, granola and natural yogurt - to add more protein to my day.

I'm not in anyway using the products to lose weight but to instead feel healthier and improve wellbeing.

Click here to buy from Pulsin and let them know I sent you.

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