Well Fancy Seeing Me Here.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

So, how many months has it been? I hope no one has been counting cause I must admit I haven't been. Here I am back on 'TSLondonn' after God knows how long, so I thought I'd come back to you guys with a 'don't worry I'm still here just going on with life as it currently is' kind of vibe at the moment.

Right so let's kick off with where we left off, after Diverbo I was faced with results day and if you know me you'll know that I can tend to get very anxious during exam seasons - even post exams. I only sat one AS, politics in case I've never mentioned it before, but I felt like it was all or nothing. I did better than I thought, or what teachers had thought for that matter - which in turn taught me to truly wholly believe in my abilities. Education for some is just something that comes naturally, engraved in their being (shout out to Nena big up yourself babygirl), but for me that has NEVER been the case. But, I'm trying this year in my final year in compulsory education that I will change and adapt my mindset - I truly believe we have the capacity to make and break ourselves and I'll be damned if anyone or thing thinks I'm gonna break. Nah bro.

This ties in well with where I'm at right now, a state of positive thinking and giving out as much positive energy out. I've been truly finding out more about myself, not in the sense of how it might sound but learning how we work as people. I've been exposed to the dynamics of friendships and relationships with other people - everyone is trash in one way or another guys, unpopular opinion. On a serious note, changing the way I speak to not only other people but myself I feel is the only way I'll stay sane on my journey to uni and beyond. Faith for me has always been a part of my childhood, now it's more of 'Tiffany the choice is yours'.I've chosen faith and yes I'm not perfect, I'm acknowledging and bathing in the abundance of grace that I have now found comfort in.

So, I'm currently interning for Annie Drea under FIUS COLLECTIVE an up and coming company that I feel so blessed to be a part of. Honestly, as a woman Drea has such drive and perseverance that is amazing to watch. Vision that I believe can come from no other than my G - God holding it down - to embrace and give black women a platform. Follow our socials @Fiuscollective on everything to see what we have coming up as well as what inspires us.

On Sunday I said goodbye to my grandma, who I was blessed to have visit us for about a month. If you're African or from any ethnic background you know how much of a blessing it is to have your grandparents come visit you in your country - to see just where you call home. I've learnt how important my heritage is to me, family is and the value of them both combined. The one thing I kept close the whole time she was here is her saying "I'm a Queen" - which although she says it jokingly I know she means it as she says it with conviction. The significance? You are and can be above and beyond what you claim you are. Whatever you speak out is what you become - maybe not a literal queen but you get the gist.

(literally us in a photo, her still trying to sort me out at my big age)

All in all, by the grace of God and this new found positive energy alongside all that I'm surrounded by I'm learning more each day. My blog is always changing but I feel like that's what I've always wanted, to use it as an outlet to write about what I'm feeling. The place I'm at right now, feels just right. I hope I'll be able to show you guys just that.

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