Orange You Glad It's Halloween?

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ok let's get one thing straight. I hate Halloween. Absolutely hate it. I don't care if you try to convince me otherwise, to me it's the one 'holiday' I am very happy to sit out of. Once it's out the way I love getting excited for Christmas and the weather getting that bit crisper for us to wrap up in warm jackets to large blanket scarves. Hot chocolates - which I literally only drink in the winter, strange I know - make the season better again. BUT for those of you who have or have had any halloween parties I hope you've enjoyed them, I know my little cousins are probably going to go trick or treating today. Funny story, the one time I went trick or treating when I was 7 I chose to go as a belly dancer - tell me why I thought this was a good idea? Bearing in mind I was living in Ireland at this time, meaning winter occurs 362 days a year (obviously an exaggeration) therefore I was SHIVERING. Never again...

So, in the spirit of Halloween this is as close as I'll ever go - painting my nails orange. This full set was a while ago but it seemed fitting to share with you some of my favourite orange polishes that I ALWAYS turn to at the nail salon. OPI is known for their long-wear polishes and I can honestly vouch for them - with acrylics the colour pay off at its best lasts 2 weeks (with a good topcoat). However, they do retail for just above £10 so they can leave a hole in your pocket - in case you don't want any of that happening I GOTTCHU. Below I've listed all the polishes I've tried from Barry M to ORLY, so I know they won't be ones that come off after washing the dishes. 

I hope you get some inspo and enjoy Halloween if you're doing anything today! 


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