My Time At Cambridge: Summer School.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Cambridge. Home to punting, beautiful grounds, British history and lets not forget bikes - you literally can't walk a metre without seeing a bike. It's a place that honestly if you have never been to in the UK, ya need to go. The University Of Cambridge is among the top 5 universities worldwide with the likes of Sir Isaac Newton to writer C.S.Lewis - the place has molded some of the greats. At least that's what you want me to say, right? Cambridge is a beauty but I was exposed to how little they have in terms of other cultures, ethnicities and differences in people - the best way to put it is everything was almost too perfect.

I attended summer school at the University in Theology - which no before you start thinking it's just about going into faith and becoming the next archbishop. So, on my blog I've never really discussed my transition into wanting to do something different, that's not fashion or beauty but something I've discovered I am passionate about. Before, I loved everything to do with fashion and style from catwalk shows to making clothes - it felt as though it was literally stitched in my soul that it would be my future. But then, I found my happy place - learning all that surrounds religion and politics the very things that I've come to know are like nutella to bread. I've always said that by taking on a degree such as theology or incoporated with faith, it will help me develop my knowledge of Christianity from an academic perspective.

On to the course, I spent 5 days at Churchill College with some of the best people I have ever met - I keep telling people they were finally a group that get it i.e. likeminded which was refreshing. We had various seminars each day lasting 1-2 hours in length, which were amazing to see that theology goes beyond just reading scripture but seeing how it is being incorporated into advertising or concepts behind feminism. I know I hadn't thought about such either. Although only 5 days, I saw that clearly perceptions of what fields you can go into with such a degree are wrong - what you learn over the 3 years are so broad they can be applied to almost every field.

If you're not sure about what you want to do later in life - young or 'old' - my advice to you is to learn more about what you love. Not only that, but to love learning - about yourself from your heritage to the way you think. By taking steps into self-love, you are not only growing in yourself but growing in understanding in what makes you, you.

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