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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Today may be for many just the 24th Oct 2017, BUT today is the King of Babyboy szn's birthday and if you haven't guessed it yet I'm honestly disgusted. Maybe not that far, however  for those of you who got it yes it is Drake's birthday. OVO szn and to almost celebrate it I thought it was only right to show you what's on my current designer radar (sidenote: does anyone else randomly browse designer's Insta pages or sites) things that I'm currently literally salivating after. I did just say that about a couple of pieces but they are honestly so beaut.

I chose 4 pieces of luxury accessories that are classic, typical and timeless - just with a twist. From the classic Chanel Boy bag to the bloody shoes that have cork - yes cork. The cork literally took a pointed toe to a WHOLE new level, the texture looks so raw and changes the look of a classic Louboutin:

For those of you who have an overflow in your account right now 'SHOPTHESTYLE' below (+ added salt): 

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