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Sunday, August 06, 2017

📷: (Pree the glow though ft bestie Damo )

What is shpopppinnnn my lovess, 

I know it's been a minute and suddenly it appears that summer has flown right past us - allowing for the middleman rain to come bless us for a little while. But, I've learnt to be grateful for the little things so big up G O D for the showers everything is a blessing in disguise. Wherever you are I hope you're having a beaut season and week - also big up all my frequent readers in Ukraine. Who would have guessed it!? I love and appreciate each and every one of you, individually. So, update on me I currently have a purple unit which I am LOVING. When I was at Duty Free this little girl called me a "purple skittle" which she said was her fave - hands down the best compliment I've gotten all year. 

This post is about my trip to Spain, with the same organisation as last year Diverbo - which I know one of you went ahead and booked too, so I hope you had a fab trip. Diverbo is a 100% immersion week for Spaniards to be submersed in the deep end developing their English skills. The company itself runs across the EU in Spain and Germany among other locations - with hundreds of young people between 13-18 going out to various locations to join with the 'learners'. The purpose? To ensure that the teens leave speaking better English than what they came knowing - I can speak from experience and say that it's honestly the best way to see people developing in not only English, but confidence in their ability. 

I stayed at a camp in Aldeaduero, which is situated in the Salto de Saucelle, right at the border of Portugal. We had literally no service, creating a forced social media detox however looking back it made the experience what it was. The mountains and hills that surrounded us had me at awe, 100% change from the noise of London. Our on site counselors and staff were impeccable and made Diverbo what it is - memorable. I would 110% recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to do next summer. 

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