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Friday, June 09, 2017

Guess who has finished all her exams!?

Well it's me I'll stop ya guessing, but honesty all glory to God I'm so happy they're done and out of my way for now. It's still crazy to me that it's June (9 whole days in) honestly feels like 2017 is flying by at a blink of an eye. Right now I feel so content and after exams finish I always get a sudden surge of motivation to get myself together if that makes sense. So, that's exactly what I've been doing since yesterday - the whole reason/purpose of this post. I got my nails done, ate some yum yums and binge watched every YouTube video I hadn't watched in the last 3 weeks (ish). I discovered Hannah Ashton yesterday too, from one of her videos that came up as a suggested. Honestly, as someone who is the same age as me I found her so inspirational - I love discovering other young women of faith. Her #girlboss series is also a new found fave - you guys should subscribe to her channel CLICK HERE 

Back to my scheduled post, as you know if your a regular reader I love a good basic nude tone nail colour. The one I'm wearing is OPI's "Make Love" but I literally can't find a stockist that is still doing them now. It's a shame because it's such a  beaut pink toned nude - a little bit of a change from my brown nudes. As it is OPI I know it will hold up and not chip for at least 12-14 days (with a topcoat) so I know I can trust recommending a similar colour:

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