Am I Khloé Yet?

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Well hello everyone,

I've been MIA because exam season has been in full swing and has prevented me from blogging and being as active as I'd like to be on social media. BUT from the 8th June I am a free woman, a day I'm really looking forward to I swear I could cry. I'm literally in Starbucks revising, but I knew I couldn't leave my blog as dry as I have. Sidenote: I've recorded some Youtube videos I just need to sort them out i.e. edit them so give me like 2 weeks max.

Right so back to my fedora, I've been looking for a good fedora for the longest of times - my friends even asked 'wait are you trying to be a cowboy?' but honestly I love hats. From standard baseball caps to floppy sunhats, I think they really change your look in seconds - after seeing Khloe Kardashian in a white fedora on KUWTK I was obsessed. Then I realised the whole issue with foundation and opted out of getting a fedora that was so light and went for a tan/brown tone one.

This particular one I got is from Missguided with a studded belt detail around the middle part of the fedora - which I think gives it an edge that other fedoras lack. They do this colour and a khaki BUT the khaki has sold out - just when I wanted to get one. However, on the plus side the fedora is currently 50% off so £5 from £10 - so I guess there is a plus to the whole issue.

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