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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Someone send me some ice to have a bath in because it's tooo hot to do anything!

I hope you're all well wherever you are, I've noticed an increase in international readers so welcome to you all. Summer is here and it always means I'm thinking of trying new colours and trends that are going round. Remember last summer I had that whole 'melanin mermaid' thing going on - well lets just say this summer calls for a whole new colour and I honestly can't wait to get her out. Does anyone else literally name their wigs? Just me. Well then, let me get back to my actual post.

So, the star of this post is that beaut yellow 'kara' choker by 'Lahannaltd' - an accessories brand inspired by African culture, based in the UK and Nigeria. As you know I love any brand that has a story behind their pieces or the business overall - each piece has its own story which you can find at www.lahanna.com  . They have a variety of styles that are available at affordable prices on the ASOS Marketplace - making them accessible to everyone nationwide and beyond.

Check out their socials too ' @lahannaltd ' to keep up to date on their new releases, or just to see their growth. Remember to support your own, we want more melanin queens to glow too b!

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