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Monday, May 22, 2017

I've been supporting this black owned upcoming nail polish and gel brand from London - currently branching out from selling in salons to individual sales across the UK. Based primarily in the London area "Sassy" has grown in East Africa, in particular Kenyan sales to salons in Scotland. The story of the owner is what makes the brand stand out in the market, especially in Kenya where acrylics and gel nails are growing at an accelerating rate. Sassy fills a market for a trustworthy nail polish and gel brand in Africa that is affordable at a salon quality - as brands such as MAC infiltrate across the continent, having one close to home makes it that much more different. 

In the last 5 years the beauty industry across  Africa has been booming, from cosmetics to organic body products. Kenyan renowned entrepreneur Suzie Wokabi founded SuzieBeauty in 2010, which later sold to Nairobi Securities Exchange-listed manufacturer Flame Tree Group for Ksh. 45m. Suzie created the brand with ambitions of making it 'the MAC of Africa' - which essentially I believe 'Sassy' could develop into 'the Essie of Africa'. 

Supporting black owned businesses is a big thing of mine, supporting your own who carry ideas that perhaps you aren't able to carry out yourself. Empowering women in businesses is a massive responsibility we have, as without positive female role models for the younger generations they may feel restricted in achieving their own ambitions. 

I'll attach all social related information and how to buy on Instagram.

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