Drink Water And Mind Ya Business.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Drink water and mind ya business - pretty damn simple, eh?

As all my Londoners know that the weather has been been bright and beautiful, with the occasional showers because lets not get ahead of ourselves we do live in England. One of the things I always find myself doing at this time of year is drinking"Detox Water" - super refreshing and a good cleanse for you internally and externally. Personally, I like ice cold cucumber and lemon water - below I've got some of the benefits of it (other than it looking nice) :

Benefits Of Lemon Water:

  • Weight loss 
  • boosts immune system - contains plenty of vitamin C, helping your immune system heal cuts and preventing you from catching a cold etc. Studies have shown that in the long term it can help you avoid cancer too - all from just drinking a little lemon water.
  • Hydrates the body
  • Boosts your brain 
Benefits Of Cucumber Water:
  • Antioxidants - rich in Vitamin C, Manganese, Beta Carotene etc etc.
  • Healthy glowing skin - soothes skin from the inside out and helps you maintain a healthy even complexion.
  • Boosts bone health - high in Vitamin K 
If you don't believe me check it out for yourself, I love the infused freshness the two give to the water and also if you don't like sour I'd recommend berry infused water. Still full of the benefits but a lot sweeter and lighter - if that makes sense. Have a try and see how it can influence your diet and your health, internally and externally. Gloooowwwww.

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