Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bonjour mon Chérie (for my French readers please excuse me if that's incorrect lol),

Spring has taken a turn for the worst in terms of weather in London - we went from 22 to 9 degrees reaaaaal quick! But, to be quite frank as Londoners we should expect it and allow it - even when you forget your umbrella for the 9th time that week... 

So, I posted this on IG:

A fresh set of acrylics really makes life so much happier - seriously, all I do is essays all day everyday. Alternatively, I'm pouring drinks at work and serving people so I use my hands constantly! So in my head, getting my nails done makes me work harder since I'm always looking at them and using my hands. I love this nail polish colour as well (follow my insta to find out the exact shade)- fits in well with the whole aesthetic of the Prada Candy bottle.

Prada Candy is such a beaut Spring/Summer scent, super light and floral - BUT since I'm not good at describing scents (even though I've worked with perfumes) here's what Prada give as a description:

"Prada Candy is a fragrance with a novel olfactory balance combining exceptionally high-quality ingredients in excessive proportions. Magnified by white musks, noble benzoin comes together with a modern caramel accord to give the fragrance a truly unique signature."

I don't know if that helps, but all in all it's a beautiful scent full of subtle top notes which I know some of my friends notice as my 'scent'. If you like victoria's secret scents - this one's for you. Click here for link (UK ONLY)

Anyway, I love the scent and the polish and thought I'd share that with you guys - I've linked the other items featured in the first photo below. 

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