Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sun, sun and more sun. I swear hand on heart A P R I L is the best month - no shade to the other 11 but it is. The sun has been shining grace upon grace on London and hopefully wherever you are when you're reading this - if not then lol sorry not sorry. 

I've been loving bardot tops recently - if you follow my Instagram you would have seen some of my recent posts ( @tslondonn ) where I've been wearing this one and others too. They're so timeless and effortless sophistication, paired with some jeans or chinos - very S/S gucci without the embroidery. Since there are literally hundreds on the market at the moment I've listed some of my personal faves that I thought you guys might like below:



*this is the exact one from my Instagram post. 


Just click the shop name to go to the site, these three cover various price ranges so hopefully it gives you an idea of what's on the market at the moment.

Have a blessed day, afternoon or night wherever you are x

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