Dolce or Dulce?

Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Well Hello April long time no see. For those of you who haven't been following me for a long time then you wouldn't know that April is B I R T H D A Y   M O N T H - I turned 17 yesterday finally since I'm the last in my friendship group. *sighs*. But, I'm not even mad cause April is the best month of the year - the sun has started to shine, the trees are blossoming, iced coffees are back I MEAN. I've been hiding away due to mocks, work and repeat - like no joke my life revolves around my house, school and work. Check out my other socials because they're so much easier to upload from and all that jazzz - "@tslondonn" on everything.

Anyway, so back to the post at hand (at least you're now updated) I get my nails done every now and then and yoooo. This nude colour got my heart and soul, legit the perfect mauve pink for us dark skin girls - which I've found is actually quite hard to find which was shocking considering its just your nails.

This is the Dulce De Leche from O.P.I and I'm obsessed, similar to all O.P.I nail polishes it doesn't chip and has a super nice gloss to it which some polishes lack. With the standard top coat from O.P.I it lasted around 2 weeks till I got bored and got them re-filled and opted for a brown which I didn't like but hey. So, I knew I had to share with you guys how cute my nails looked and I've listed some links below for where you can find it.


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