A New Chapter.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Chapter 6 - Not So New Beginnings.

Well here's a post I never even dreamed I would come to post like EVER in all my years of blogging and all things that come with it. So when I started my journey I chose to be known as 'Bombarded Style', which at the age of 11 was probably the best thing I'd sat and thought about doing. The name was spelt like this ' BoMbArDeD sTyLe' because I thought I was cool - my first couple of post consisted of the above stupidity but I loved every second of it! I had a bright pink logo to match my basic blogger pink background, to put it simply my blog at that time resembled everything in my head at that given time. I created the name similar to how Tinie Tempah created his - if you don't know how he came up with his name he flicked through a dictionary and found 2 words and voila. I thought that was tooooo risky for my little innocent mind, so I chose style as the second word and flicked through tons of books and stumbled upon 'Bombarded' - which is what stuck. I literally wanted to bombard everyone with my love for fashion even if it was reckless and things I knew people wouldn't like - it was me.

But now 6 years on, I've really grown up and wanted my blog to be a reflection of that - which I slowly started doing with the layout and other bits. Bombarded Style was almost an alter ego, in the sense that it didn't reflect directly onto me but instead into someone I aspired to be at the age of 11. TSLondonn is me. It's the woman I'm developing into, I want my blog and all my socials to be a reflection of that. That's another reason why I leave all my questionable Instagram posts up - yes they're embarrassing but without them you or even I can't reflect on how much I've grown. From my awkward phases of editing to now where everything flows and appears more together. So, the name 'TSLondonn' (the extra '-n' looks nice and I've always emphasised my '-n's' so it made sense) is my name and the city I call home. I rebranded because I'm starting a whole new chapter and life shift and wanted you guys to be part of that.

I'm not saying goodbye to Bombarded Style but instead combining it with the person I've become.

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