Friday, January 06, 2017

Happy Birthday Bombarded Style //

Well, Mum I made it. Today marks Bombarded Style's 6th birthday. My journey is still growing and I'm learning soooooo much as I learn more about you guys and myself - I look back at my first post and I laugh, honestly it was shambolic like really and truly. But I don't delete it, similar to my Instagram posts purely to show my glo' up - not just to other people but to myself too. Today is a celebration of both my blog and also  the journey that we're embarking on together - I started this at the age of 10, can you imagine it makes me laugh. At that point I was posting nonsense, pure nonsense but I was aspiring to the likes of Shirley B Eniang and Patricia Bright - nothing has changed, these are still women that inspire me.

As we begin 2017 I believe that this year is going to be one where both Bombardedstyle x TSLondon are both going to grow even more than the 6 years I've had my blog for. I started blogging because I always thought I'd end up in the fashion industry however, times change and obviously puberty and ishh. Looking back I'm so thankful that at 11 I thought of starting such an adventure - I may not be where I want to, but I have faith and believe I will be. Good things come to those who wait. Last year I was blessed with meeting some amazing like minded people, working with brands and gaining more experience for both arenas - YouTube and my blog. I'm not in rush to grow but what I do know is that God is doing things to make this experience the best it can be - my prayer for you is to be showered with even more blessings this year.

Let this be the year where we glo' up in all instances - from spiritual to physical. All I know is, a year from now we'll be thanking God once again for the blessings on blessings coming our way. Thank you for being with me through my journey, it's only just beginning.

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