All I Gotta Say Is What A Year, What A Year.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 has flashed before our eyes with so many highs and lows, all I can literally say is what a year. I guess because a majority of my year was spent in my study or in exams the whole year flew past - I've ended friendships and gained some. The world has lost some heroes and gained some. I thought I'd do a post on the highlights of my year :

The biggest thing for me had to be completing year 11, at the time it literally seemed like the most unreachable thing purely based on how much pressure we had. Now that I'm doing my A Levels I would rather do year 11 20x than the 3 subjects I have to do. But, as everyone keeps saying 'its all a learning process' which in actual fact they don't prepare you for. I know I'm not the only one who feels like everything leads up to your GCSE's, then after that they kind of throw you into the deep end and see who floats. Mad.

The whole 'Melanin Mermaid' phase was a bit of a mad one to be honest - who would have thought I would go from 1B hair to Aqua blue. I loved this hair so much and it showed me how much I don't care about other peoples opinions - it was a marmite situation. From the stares to the people that stopped to say "wow it looks really nice on you" I say Cheers my loves for helping to build my confidence to try new things. It helped my friend locate me at Wireless and helped put a smile on my little cousins face. All in all my fave hair change of 2016. 

Celebrating my 16th birthday this year after weeks of planning has to be my number one event of 2016 - it's amazing to have all that love in one location. It lasted a day but seemed to have been a couple of weeks, of actual insanity but paid off in the end. I think it's safe to say I won't be having a birthday like that again until my 18th. But, to everyone who was there I thank God for such blessings on blessings and I pray for more to come. 

 The entire 'melanin goddesses' movement from the girls that decided to go entirely natural to those who started more makeup brands for WOC, I salute you. This year the #blacklivesmatter brought the black community together more than ever - honestly it was amazing to see all shades of melanin come together to fight for something bigger than all of us. 2016 proved that our fight for both justice and equality has moved many paces backwards than forwards. The wars that have occurred are only whispering in the shadows, the fight isn't over.

Prom with my bad and boujee sister was amazing, even if it didn't bang as much as we all thought the prep for it made up for it. I think what we see in films from when we were a lot younger makes us have such ridiculous expectations, to be honest. 

Diverbo 2016 was one of the best things I did this year - I've never volunteered abroad and to make matters worse I'd never done something similar alone. But, all that aside it was the best decision I made making it one of the best weeks abroad in 2016. From the friends I made to the beauty that is Spain I look forward to going again next year and repeating the madness. Honestly, take a leap and go for it next year - it might be one of the best things you do. 

That's literally only a few bits from 2016 that were personal to me and made the year for me - to do better next year I think it's soooo important to take a minute to deep everything. Yes 2016 may have had its highs and lows but its these events that make the ride of life interesting. So, 2017 I'm ready for you. 

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