Melanin Mermaid.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Summer Sixteen saw the beginning of a whole new me. After being enclosed for such a long time doing my GCSEs I really wanted, craved a change - as always the change was my hair. Blue for me, especially this blue had me in awe - to be honest it had everyone like oh my days she did that. I think it gave me a sense of confidence too, it takes a lot to leave the house for the first time with blue hair. I tested the waters first by going to Morrisons - mate that was the scariest shopping trip of my life, plus all I bought was Snickers. I loved the movement WOC started of bold colours on natural hair - obviously I have relaxed hair so that wouldn't work, plus I didn't want to dye my own hair. Also, I saw Adelaine Morins nails :

The whole holographic blue had me mesmerized beyond words can explain - also Jennie Jenkins had green so I thought why not. I know we're all back at school, starting uni or leaving different places - but the fact is as we all begin new areas, or go back to where we are start with a new mindset. It might sound silly but sometimes I still feel like I'm wearing the blue - purely based on how I carry myself.

Actual info about the hair : it's from Aliexpress and always the links become dead after a while. But, I got you cause I have made myself the hair plug.  If you click here it will take you to the various wigs on Aliexpress - yes, you read correctly it's a wig. As I think this whole 'hair series' will probably continue, I'll do some other pieces on my hair collection. My mum actually congratulated me on my progress in wig making and styling - that's a first.

Enjoy the rest of the week and continue to FIUS.

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