Lay Them Edges BabyGirl.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

So, don't hate me but here I am again with a new post that actually isn't fashion related. Every week there are those questions that always seem to make their way to me like - 'are you from Ethiopia?' 'is that your real hair?' and then the one that appears most 'HOW DO YOU DO YOUR EDGES?'. I'm not going to say that I spend hours and hours in crafting my edges - but like I have grown in the 'Art of Edges'. You know them ones you see peoople (or yourself) laughing about on insta - looking like a phone number or S's. Yeah, that was me. No evidence is available on social media before you guys start looking...

 Okay so, like any other WOC I use my little old toothbrush - in my opinion the harder the bristles the harder it will be to create the curl pattern. A good silk scarf - mate no exaggeration this is actually the major key. I'm sorry for the DJ Khaled reference but... Sorry not sorry. If you think about it wrapping your hair before bed is the best thing for it - preventing hair loss, oil transfer and friction. I actually came across a really good article which educates you on which one is which, as well as the benefits of each fabric. click here for website. 


This has to be hands down my holy grail like its not even a joke. Legit this + a scarf + a toothbrush has your edges snatched for dayssssss. When I say for days I'm not even exaggerating because if you lay your scarf over it again ( for example if you know you have no gel left or you're away) it will lat 1-3 days. However, preferably I do my edges every night in a wrap then in the morning its just a comb through. Nyxon freeze gel works extremely well and I must add that they don't have any chemical like smell to them. When my new growth kicks in (I'm about a 4b, naturally) both of these gels still work. It's genuinely all about experementing and developing an understanding of what works for you. 

Summer is over but continue to slay. Babygirl szn is only just beginning.

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