Wireless 2016.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

This post is soooo overdue I don't even know why but it is. So, exams were over and literally the first thing on our lists was Wireless - we went on Sunday to see BBK obviously and I can't even explain how amazing it was. Can't lie I was maaaad to find out some of my friends had paid half price using some code, Wireless didn't sell out like in the past and to be honest we weren't going to go. But, when they added in new acts like 'Big Sean' and a whole other range of artists.

 Skepta brought out Pharrell Williams to perform their song Numbers which I have to admit has been on repeat since the album was released . I got to meet the beaut Aliyah Maria Bee, you've probably seen on Twitter or her YouTube. I literally had to scream her name to get a photo with her, I recognised her friend but forgot his name as I am now... Anyway, so that happened and then there was food - listen, those chips were amazing the cheese urghhhhh. Can't lie they were mad expensieve so if they weren't good I swear I would have lost the plot.

My friend took these shots of Skepta and Big Sean, which are actually really good so thanks Nadia. So, the whole Wireless experience was amazing the whole atmosphere - except the fact that some of our stuff got stolen but hey.If you guys ever want to go I would absolutely recommend going, you meet some really good people. Hope you guys are having a good morning, evening, lunch or whatever it is when you read this. Enjoy the rest of Summer.

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