Friday, January 15, 2016

Sura yako muzuri mama. - S A U T I    S O L.

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and their new years was good (if you can't remember it I can only hope you didn't do anything stupid..). I've been MIA for over 2 weeks now, only because I've had exams which can I just say were hella hard - if you've already done your GCSEs or in America your finals consider yourself lucky (or not if you went into further education). 

On the 6th BombardedStyle turned 5 years old, I'm currently working on a post with a photographer to celebrate the past 5 years. I make it sound like my baby, which in some ways it is - I remember writing my first post at the age of 10 thinking I was the ishhh. If you didn't know BombardedStyle started of as 'B2Sfashion' which makes me laugh now looking back at it. If you know me, once I put my head to something I don't stop at any expense.I taught myself how to code my website, got my mum to help run my Twitter and Facebook because I was underage and now she doesn't even know how to function on Twitter! But, before I start going down memory lane I better stop myself.

It's come to my attention that many black girls are now embracing their culture and their motherland. Not only this,but, society is slowly embracing this too - with the exception of those who still think ethnic minorities are of 'another class' and 'white is superior'. I know this isn't the kind of content you guys expect but I know I have younger readers. Girls and the possible boys out there reading take in your culture with open arms, when your Mama tells you to wear that traditional outfit to church you WEAR it. It saddens me to think some girls think, black is not beautiful. I strongly believe that we have the responsibility to shape the minds of the little boys and girl growing around us. 

Why ?

Because, our parents sacrificed their own lives to come live here and we, as the future parents of thee next generation have the power to grasp onto the little culture we have surrounding us. It makes me laugh because the other day I saw a black girl in town refusing to speak her native tongue over the phone.Why? Because she was with her little 'clique'. See what I mean...

Figures like ;

Rekik Neway - @the_dopest_ethiopian 

'The dopest Ethiopian' shows that being proud of your home country doesn't have to be 'embarrassing' per se but fashionable.Brands are emerging right in front of us like the one Rekik is wearing called 'Mizizi'. 

The white Tee above is by a brand called 'The Horn Of Africa' which prides itself based on East African countries - however I heard they may be branching out. Their stock - although limited in regard to to options - is a lot cheaper in comparison to 'Mizizi' at £12.50 for a tee. 

Basically, all this post is trying to get at is - black is beautiful, don't let anyone try to tell you any different. Embrace in that melanin cocoa enriched skin. Most of all believe in you natural slay, after all no one else can.

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