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Friday, December 04, 2015

Well hello there December, 

Hellooo everyone - I know I've been hella MIA but do not fear because Tiffany is here. If you're not aware as I may not mentioned before or you're new ( if you are, welcome to the fam) but I'm in year 11 now, for you US readers that kinda equates to eleventh grade or I've heard 'Junior year'. If you are from any where else in the world click here for the Wiki article I looked up to find out about which is which - I'm sorry I don't know every education system in the world... 

Anyways, what I'm basically trying to say is that I am completely and utterly swamped with work. However, me being me I have some really exciting things lined up for you guys that are truly excited and blessed to have - like honestly I remember getting excited over 3 views now there's so many of us. For that alone, I am grateful. So, bear with me whilst I find a balance - but I will try not to leave you guys hanging and waiting for tooo long. If I'm not blogging I'm on social media :

Twitter - @tiffanyshiz_
Instagram - @tiffanyshiz

And also for any sponsorship or business queries please now send to :


Be on the look out.

Love you all

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