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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Goodbye September Hello October,

The month of beautiful rich orange and brown shades, pumpkin spice latte addicts come out to play on social media but also the month of Halloween. Personally, Autumn is THE best season, don't you think ? I love the fact that I can layer up but not to much that I feel claustrophobic in my self, pretty much the worst explanation but you get what I mean guys. Fashion week has come and gone, I wish I could have gone but obviously school is highly occupying ALL of my time, hey ho thank God for live stream *insert dodgy smirk emoji*. Going back to the title of this blog post, I've been really loving some pieces inspired  by some designer pieces I've seen that are already on the high street but also the bloggers/vloggers/journalists etc. So, below is a collection of items that I've been watching from a distance and in the process of choosing what I actually need ( which in reality is most probably none of the items but some are just too damn good). 

Enjoy my first LustBook: 

Black Suede Tassel Side Over The Knee Boots  | New Look      Image description       

Image 4 of True Violet Full Prom Tulle Skirt            Ark Terri Wool Fedora Hat   

Image         Image 1 of ASOS Front Pocket With V Bar Shoulder Bag

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