The Abbey.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Well hello Monday fancy seeing you here...

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well and you had a good rest over the weekend. I'm currently here watching some Gracie - otherwise known as UglyFaceOfBeauty on YouTube she is everythingggg like everythingggg. So as you all know I always have photos of things I'm liking that I just haven't put up because of, well just me being me to be honest. A while ago I visited the St Albans Abbey which I know sounds super boring BUT it's so beautiful and I guess its nice just to get out of my area and just be away from home for a bit. PLUS there's a Waffle House in St Albans which for people who don't know what that is - it's literally a slice of heaven, I don't have any foodie bits but when I go again I'll do an entire post on it you have my word. Back to the Abbey, its beautiful even for someone who isn't into churches or viewing museums it's seriously a really good day out. For my UK viewers or readers who are planning a trip to the UK St Albans is such a little British 'City' its uber cute and you can get some really nice photography bits too. Let me stop and control myself or else I'll literally go through everything I saw, which is probably going to bore you to the point you'll drool on your phone or laptop or whatever device you have. 

Enjoy today.

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