Summertime Sadness //

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rain rain go away...

Is anyone else saying this to themselves, it has been raining cats and dogs and quite frankly i'm already sick of it. Summertime official closes its doors on Sunday which is pretty surprising since I thought it ended weeks ago, BUT it means we get an hour more in bed! So in a bid to say farewell till summer 2016 my next couple of posts are going to be 'Things I did over the summer', not gonna lie but Summer had its up's and down's but was amazing.

This post is about my trips during my time in Kenya, obviously Kenya is one of my favourite places on earth - feels like home even if it's not really. Kenya is full of hidden gems from the obvious Safari's to see the big 5, it truly is one of the best countries in Africa #EastOnFleek. I think  although we do see some of Africa's beauty we don't get to see enough of it, seriously though everyday we see those adverts which don't get me wrong are extremely powerful - the media deliberately does not let us see what Africa is. Urgh, like after that incident in the mall people make the assumption that all of Kenya is full of gun men. I could rant on and on and on and on  and on.... The images I have are from visits to the beautiful mamba village where I saw crocodiles within arms reach, then I have the ones from my boat ride as well as my time in traditional huts - which can I just say look really fun to live in.

So here's Africa through my eyes:

Africa is a beautiful place it's full of splendor and genuinely happy people - well some but its the same everywhere. Hopefully, I've made you want to see Africa for yourself - DM me or email me if you want links and numbers for the places I visited or suggestions for places to go. 

Enjoy Today. 

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