Monday, October 05, 2015

Another rainy day in the South,

Helloooo all - although the weather is absolutely disgusting we're all just gonna have to suck it up and embrace it, after all there are people longing for this rainy season. Off topic I know but can I also just drop in my current love Drake x Future album titled 'What A Time To Be Alive', honestly didn't see this dropping like it has. Seriously this album though, hands down one of the best of 2015 - 'Jumpman' has me HYPED... But lets not go there or else this post will basically be of Jordans and Drake which would make pretty damn good post however I thought I'd do a post on my day out with the girls to Central London. We usually do it in the summer but we were all busy for our own reasons and all that good stuff, so instead we went to celebrate Cynthia's 17th. Obviously, we hit up all the usual spots like Oxford street, Leicester Square,Camden etc but we went to KIKO the make up store from Italy and it was literally make up haven. People were in the masses, young or old you name the age and they were there. It's super affordable like products under a fiver cheap BUT its amazing quality. Below is the lip liner I had found but they told me it was their best seller and had sold out - most irritating news I had heard - if you're wondering which colour it is it's 710. BEST COLOUR I've seen yet, hands down guys. After spending I'd say a good 2 hours going through each section of the store in severe detail we left with more make up than the Kardashian's use combined. After that we pretty much just wandered about ended up in China Town for a little bit and just went on for lunch and all that jazz. If you're ever in London during Autumn, take a walk through Leicester Square in the evening it's not as busy as peak hours and there's loads of random floating gold people or even Mr Beans outside M&M world, plus the sunset is beauts.

We'll see what this weekend holds.
P.S. Hope your Monday is/was as good as it could be x

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