*Enjoys long walks on the beach*

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lets go to the beach-each lets go get away...

* The reference above is a throwback to Nicki Minaj - Starships in case you're lost...Urgh summer why are you so far away. 

Hello everyone let me not be rude and say hellooooo. Hope all of you have had a great start to the week and are enjoying your half term ( if you have one that is) I know I am. Also, shout out to anyone who was celebrating Diwali over the course of last week, in my local high street there was beautiful fire works and I know my neighbors have been at it too. Since I did my summer post about somewhere overseas I thought to myself 'surely  I did something in the UK' and quite frankly all I  could think of was this trip to Swanage back in March which I never did a post on as well as a course I did in the summer at UCL - University College London ( stay tuned for a review).

Swanage is a beautiful little spot in the South of England and honestly is hands down one of the best seaside towns I've been to. It's quite lowkey, meaning I never hear anyone saying they've been for their own leisure ( I went with school and when I was doing research for this post, i discovered a lot of people go with their schools or colleges for geography). The trip itself was really goood - considering it was one of my last since I'm in year 11 now. Anyway, I'm not going to bore you with all the stuff we did for our controlled assessment but instead here's some footage of our time there .

Enjoy today.

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