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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Well hello, 

It's been a long time but lemme just get right into this post that I've been holding back for a while to be honest because, I didn't know if it was worth doing. I recently removed my twists and I'm yet to re do my hair, so my hair is currently half growth and half mehh it's just confusing itself to be honest. Anyway I think the reason why I haven't done my hair or rather chosen what I want to do is because of the sudden change in climate. It's hot up in here, the other day London was hotter than the Sahara. Yes, you read correctly hotter than the SAHARA. 

The change in climate especially for people who do weave and braids is a struggle because you need your hair done, but then you have the heat and the  itchiness that comes with it soo... So whilst I was looking for inspo I put all of the ones I found into a doc and here they are :


Crotchet braids. If you want big curls for summer this is definitely one to go for, they're super inexpensive PLUS you can do them by yourself. All you'll need is time,patience,perseverance,Netflix and some food. I tried it but I didn't finish them so when I do mine, I'll let you guys know. 

If you want more info check out :

Remember when Kylie made this huge transformation and your Instagram exploded and so did your tumblr maybe even your Twitter etc etc. This look is easily achievable for both permanent, semi permanent or just temporary. 

( image location: Instagram)

YouTuber "ItsMyRaeRae" does this all the time using a hair spray that washes right out. It looks amazing and then when you're bored of it wash it out. Duplicate of the one Raye used from Superdrug for £2.99. They do have them in boots but when I went in store this was more pigmented. 

Above is beautybyjj going along the same lines as Kylie. 

Everybody loves a good natural box braid. These ladies have different variations from light to dark, long or short to even adding extra light pieces in the mix. 

Faux locs. These are really summery in my books, they are versatile and really Goood for maintains growth. 

All things bright and beautiful. Coloured braids are amazing, the hair itself is super cheap you can get a packet for like £2 all the way down to 90p in some areas. Expression hair itself comes in around 45 different colours I've heard so there you go take your pick. 

I hope that has inspired some of you to go out and try something new. Rather than thinking about what others will think of you think about how many people you might inspire this season. 

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