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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hello everyone, 

Hope you guys are all doing well, especially those of you doing exams both higher level and levels below that, I'm only in year 10 so mine aren't as daunting as you guys that are in uni. So other than that I hope all of you are doing well and finally enjoying this bipolar weather of Great Britannia - to be honest I've been enjoying PLL so I'm not leaving anywhere other than my house or garden.... 

But as you all know (or should know cause this was just AH-MAZ-ING) Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé dropped the feeling myself video on TIDAL earlier this week. Now when I saw it come out I was kinda sceptical about it just because of it being in TIDAL but I knew I had to watch it - there was no option so I signed up for TIDAL - which is obviously what they knew would happen so I applaud them for that. 

The only publicity I could see was through both their personal Instagram's and Twitter accounts which proved to be the only publicity they needed. The video was trending worldwide in less than 24hrs... 

So after the sign up process of TIDAL (which may I add is hella expensive...) I was in, praise the Lord. It was literally 12:30 AM and I was there with my headphones ready to replay this video about 250 times till I knew every shot... 

Anyway I pressed play and urghhh I just can't even : 

Okay if you haven't said "YAAASS" or "oh my days" or "slay" by this point please inbox me and I'll send a referral to your local Specsavers because JUST LOOK AT THEM. 

Fun fact : they are only a year apart in terms of age (33 & 34)

Considering Beyoncé has had blue she looks amazing (even though in reality she probably has 101 personal trainers but still she slaying the game). Nicki Minaj continues her Queen Of Rap mantra through this video but has some elements of sweetness which she is starting to reveal more of. 

YouTuber ItsMyRaeRae did a really cute tutorial inspired by feeling myself : 


TootsieTime - a simple DIY of Beyoncés swimsuit. 

Whatever you do make sure you watch it guys. 

Feelin' myself //

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