Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hello to you all, 

Yes it's still sunny can you believe it or that's what I've heard because I'm in Kenya and it's basically always hot here LooL so peak for you if its cold. I'm joking if you're cold cuddle up with your blanket or duvet cover with a cuppa, to be honest even if you're warm you can do the same cause I know i do. 

As you can tell I'm going to be talking about my new obsession of turbans, now I know they're not for everyone BUT seriously they're the solution to a bad hair day !!! Ladies listen to me, when your  peppercorns ( otherwise known as edges) aren't co operating use a turban. I used to laugh at my family members that would use a turban but I've seen for myself that it is a really intelligent way of covering a bad hair day. For the days you just can't be asked or for them days when your braids or weave look nappy like dappy. 

Before anyone decides to ask the first one is the one on my personal Instagram that's why it looks edited or filter-ised. Anyways I Loveeee the print of this scarf it's super cute and surprisingly easy to change up, I may do a post on how I tie up my turbans too for y'all. This particular scarf is from H&M from a while back or it might be Primark I'm not sure as i haven't seen it in ages. Literally not wearing any make up other than my MUA  matte lipstick, which tastes amazing (stop judging guys..) it really does taste nice, I know you probably think I'm mad but it actually does lol. You don't need make up because the turban is the focal point of your entire outfit, or else you'll look a little confused and overdressed which a turban does for you already. 

For this look I used a red, cream and gold scarf from my long time friend Ebay. I tied it using a rope method to create a flat twist which is completely effortless and lighter to wear than other methods. As I said before the turban is the focal point so keeping your outfit simple is probably best. To keep that african theme going I paired the same Masaai earrings as before. 

I hope you guys feel inspired to wrap that hair on your head with a beautiful turban this season. 

Remember BE Beau. BE You

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