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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hello everyone, 

I'm currently sat on the plane to Kenya, which is taking the longest time urghhhhh  but in the UK the sun is finally peeping out properly for us to get them rays. This week alone I think the temperature was peaking about 19c which is great for spring weather, however we all know it's probably not going to last but keep your fingers maybe even your toes crossed guys. 

I've been going for quite a lot of walks of late, absorbing as much sunshine as possible plus it's a good break from revision (there's one for you students reading this). You guys know Sinéad but if you're new you probably don't, she's featured on my Blog a couple of times, we went for a little "stroll" just around the area as the sun was going down. Obviously we took some fleekinggg photos just cause... 

Grey/Gray Vest Tee - H&M
Highwaisted Shorts - Levi's 
Large Hoop Earrings - New Look
Midi Length Shirt dress - Primark
Black&White Trainers - Primark 
Watch - Spirit

The colour on my Lips is the darkest shade of purple on offer at Fashion Fair at the moment which to be honest I can't fully remember is. If I find out I'll let y'all know. My top hoop or cartilage piercing is from TOPSHOP but I think it's discontinued and it's extremely difficult to find one like it which is weird because i see a lot of the simple gold or silver hoops...Anyway.

These trainers make my life they're so simple affordable when payday isn't at reach for a while lol. I bought them on a whim simply because my old Nikes had seen the light and died on me, but these I have found are literally nearly the same. Usually in the past Primark has been rubbish at their look a likes but seriously I applaud their work here. 

Out of 10 I'd give them an 8.5/10 because they're nearly there just joy completely if you get what I'm even on about.

Enjoy the sun guys protect that precious skin of your no matter your race, I always hear that common "black people don't need suncream or sunblock" but you do unless you want to be matching those new emojis lol. 

Love T xx

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