Spring or nah.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Hey everyone, 

It's finally the best month in the entire year, yup, it is APRIL. The glorious month in which I was born and quite honestly a great transitioning month for both weather and fashion. To be honest the weather here is as always super bi-polar which still to this day gives me a migraine but hey the weathers nice somewhere and I guess that's all that matters. So, as the clocks have changed and the season has too ( I know that must sound seriously dumb cause the clocks change because of the season but hey ho) that therefore means new stuff is being bought or old stuff are coming out. I know this because i'm starting to do this too, as I'm really nice to guys (sometimes) I thought I would snoop around and look for pieces for this season as well as items that will help you transition into Spring. From clothes to beauty items and even some techyy stuff just cause I can.... Plus because not all of us shop in Harrods, I got your back too gurrl.

City bag for a city girl or a city bag for every girl. I don't know if its just me but in summer and spring season smaller bags are just more durable, lighter and it seems like I don't need to carry as much just because of the season.This is £29.99 from ZARA which is pretty good for ZARA plus it looks nicer that the standard all black city bag that everyone has, the grey gives it little oomph that I think we'll need to get through spring to summer.

Urghhhh. Wrap skirts are hella hot,some people are just made for them. This one is from & other Stories which sometimes is ridiculously expensive but this is £20.00 which is exceptionally good for the store however they are on sale so that's probably why. I absolutely love the cut of it as well, honestly a great buy for you guys. 

I know this might be seriously random and may cause some of you to think 'OMG what is actually wrong with this chick' but this cushion cover is literally the funniest thing. In spring I try to add something green and new to either my wardrobe,make up or home ware. This goldfish made me laugh so hard just stare at it. I dare you try not to laugh.

I don't know what it is about spring that makes me want to try something new with my hurrr. I've seen a lot of grey's or blue's on people but not a lot of purple which is strange because purple is practically blue (well not really but you get the gist). Live Color do lots of really vivid colors such as blonde,green,grey and yep you guessed it purple for super cheap so you could practically switch it up all the time and save yourself a couple quid. Think about it...

Now even I can say this looks bonkers but it made me laugh when I saw a friend with it, since it is April in the UK we can expect the normal April showers which puts a downer on everyone's day usually. But imagine its raining and then you took a mirror selfie with this phone case, I can bet you that you'll make someone laugh. Well done Topshop - by the way its £8.00.

Charlotte Tilbury i.e. Make Up Goddess. Her range of make up is amazing, Spring is a time to experiment but a basic nude is obviously a must, I've heard raving reviews about her stuff and just based on that I'm severely convinced that her stuff is good and actually might buy something asap. 

Packpoint is actually a really nice, simple holiday app that many people like myself need. All you do is put where you are going and it constructs  a list for your chosen destination as well as based on the weather of the place you're travelling to. 

I hope my little list of items will help you guys during this spring season or whatever we can call this horrible mix. 

Love T xx

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