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Friday, April 03, 2015

Well fancy seeing you here eh ?

Hope all you lovely readers are gooood, I know I am: 
It's a Sunday 
Going to Kenya soon (fingers crossed)
And I can finally see sun (sometimes)

So basically, life is pretty great at the moment guys. As many of you know I like using new and old products, today I'm going back to basics like washing your hair basics. Yup, you read it right washing your hair guuurl.

Myself, as a young woman  of colour I have thick hair that is constantly drying out like the Sahara. Finding a shampoo that benefits my hair and that I like is always a struggle, because the basic dark & lovely is not always the best option but by default I know a lot of people that do exactly that.

I recently discovered: 

BIG by lush. Okay get ready.. It's nearly £13 which I know is ridiculous BUT I haven't relaxed in ages and keeping my hair looking nice is becoming a struggle. This shampoo smells good and does good for your hair. I think that applies to coarse and thin hair, I use it at least every fortnight in small quantities. 

I'd give it 7.5/10 it's not there yet.


Love T

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