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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hello my lovelies, 

Happy Valentine's Day to you all I hope that it's full of love with family,boyfriends and friends. I know lots of you are going to be looking all flawless with your face beat, eyebrows on fleek etc but at the end of the day that's a bucket load of make up to get off. 

I get asked quite a bit how I don't get spots or breakout, and since I love all of you lots I thought you guys deserve to know my secrets. Don't be selfish, be sure to share it with friends. 

1. Prep your face with good old water and flannel to work off the layers of make up. Water is the best thing to use when getting to the nitty gritty of it all if I'm honest. Plus it has zero harsh chemicals and your skin will love you for it.

My Pink flannel is from Wilko and it was less than £1. I change my flannel every couple of weeks since they're super cheap and that way I know it's clean. TIP : soak flannel every week in hot water with baby shampoo or mild shampoo for 5 minutes. This lifts off any dirt that may have clumped up over the course of the week like mascara stains or eyeliner. 

2. Apply a cleanser or cleansing lotion. Make sure to test it on your hand or forearm to see if you have a reaction to i, this method then helps you see if your body is receptacle to it. I've stuck to Simple for a good year and I love it. 

3. Use a toner to prevent dark circles. For all you glasses wearers like myself, toner is the holy grail behind removing those dark spots created by your glasses. I discovered a change in the first 2 weeks guys !!! Hollaaa 

4. Finally go in with a moisturiser. Make sure it's not to heavy as you're going to bed. 

Here's my simple night range ; 

Cotton pads - Wilko - £1.30

I know everyone brushes their teeth but before bed I use : 

I love that fresh clean feeling. Don't judge .

And finally, if I'm feeling really nice and relaxed I light some candles catch up with Pretty little liars and off to bed I go. 

That's all today, love you all. 

T xx

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