Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hello world, 

I've come to the conclusion that my one and only true love will always be food. Yes you heard me, food. Seriously food makes me so happy the variety to the flavours to the colours. Urghhhhhh FOOOOOOD. 

So now we know Tiffany love food I made a really healthy brekkie/lunch yesterday and I couldn't keep it to myself obviously cause I'm just Sooooo nice and love you guys that much. 


• 2 large-ishh eggs 
• olive oil
•onions (optional)
• ripe avocado 
•salt & pepper 
•lemon juice 
•baby plum tomatoes (3 per person) halved 
•chilli powder (optional)
•5 tbsp Milk

Step 1.

Begin by heating your pan with oil, make sure it's on high heat so by the time you've finished preping you're ready to go. 


Crack your eggs into a bowl 


Add in your tablespoons of milk any milk will do. This will soften your egg and give it a melt in your mouth consistency. 


Now start whisking it till little bubbles form, at this stage you can add thinly diced onion ( TIP: red onion is more flavoursome). 


If you haven't put your seasoning yet do so now. Salt,pepper,chilli etc. 



Pour mixture into the pan and wait 2-3 mins to flip to the other side. 


Next get your avocado and cut in half. You will only need 1/4-1/2 of the avocado depending on how much you like. I used half i.e. the left bit of right. 


Chop chop chop away 

Drizzle a teaspoon of lemon juice on top with a pinch of salt. Mix with your fingers. 


Plate it up 

I added a satsuma to my meal too they are life !!! 

9. If you want... 

You can mix it up by adding tomatoes and scrambling the egg instead.  

Et Voilà 

It's simple and full of goodness.
T xx

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