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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hellooo all you beautiful people, 

I hope you're all well - can you believe it's almost February guys! Like I swear yesterday was Christmas to be honest, time goes past super fast. 

I thought I'd add two of my favourite tunes of the week or rather my most listened to since quite a lot of you liked my music post. 

I've been late to the party and only just started watching Nashville, love their cover of Ho Hey. Completely different to the original song, great for calming down after a long day.

OMD this song gets me every time Sam Smiths voice is pure golf honestly it's still amazing to listen to urghhhhh and this song. I don't know how to explain how much I love it ! Beautiful song, especially the piano cover of it. 

Anyway this post isn't on music it's on my hair. I know my last post included Avon products and so does this one but they're not sponsored!! I genuinely like their products. I love leave in treatments, as you guys know from the last hair post I did on mustard seed oil that's great, I still do it at least twice a month. Leave in treatments and oils make your hair super healthy, I think the problem many of us face is regaining our strong hair after  colouring it. That was a problem I know that I faced but now it's healthier than ever. 

This "argon oil" mask really does what it says it helps restore your hair and it smells super good, that's all I look for in a hair product to be honest. Anything that's good for my hair and smells gooood. 

The best thing is that you don't even need a lot of product to use it I used : 

Which was a bit much to be honest but hey ho my hurrr was smelling good guuurll. The product itself was less than I think £7 and genuinely I would recommend it, you guys know I tell you as it is. 

Have a goodnight//Day 

Love T xx

Be Beau . Be YOU

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