Out With The Old.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello you lovely lot, 

I hope you're all keeping well and snuggled up warm, I've currently got my Finding Nemo onesie on which I must say is the warmest yet funniest thing to wear out... Not that I do...awkward moments...

Moving on so like most I clear out my wardrobe regularly, as October pasted I saw that I had so many clothes taking up space in my wardrobes. It takes ages for me usually to decide what I really want and what's not really a necessity, I know I know "clothes are a necessity who is this crazy lady urghh", but have you ever even evaluated what you wear regularly ? Seriously think about it. I came up with a method of laying out my outfit before I put it on and keeping a photo diary for a month, through this I could see what I wear all the time and the ones I rarely wear. Not gonna lie but this method W O R K S !!! I saw what are my wardrobe staples and what are my wardrobe no no's. 

This is what I ended up with guys: 


My very own Mt Everest. In total all the pieces I dug out that I don't need added up to ... 

98 PIECES OF CLOTHING (including coats,jumpers, loungewear etc)

Like what even !!! I noticed it's all my coloured pieces I don't really wear and that's why my Mt Everest seems like Mt Rainbow. My style has changed it's more basic items now which I like, much easier to maintain and you can't really go wrong. Tip : when de cluttering your wardrobe start with clothes you're seen wearing the most, ask yourself "has this seen it's final wearing days ?" You may sound severely stupid but you're doing yourself a favour and your wardrobe from collapsing.

Be risky and ruthless, go with your gut instinct. If you end up debating with yourself over one item for over 10 second s BIN IT. 


Find a large bag or a skip if you're worse than me and just fold the stuff you decided aren't needed, job done. Decide,Fold,Bag. 

This was just one ikea bag guys I don't think I should show you the rest...

Tip: Best thing to do especially in this season is to donate your clothes to charity. They're usually desperate for winter stuff around now so do your bit of good now.

I'm a really orderly person all my friends know I'm kinda crazy when it comes to cleanliness and organisation. So once the wardrobe was cleared I started again with my organisation of things. 


I gave away in total about 6 pj sets and these are my "loungewear" bits so my comfy items basically. The pile on the left is my shorts & trousers, to the right of that are leggings which I roll to keep te space organised and therefore I can see the colours of the leggings in a easy yet manageable way. I keep my A/W stuff out during this time/season and my S/S bits hidden away till next year. 

I have a hanger obsession, all of them have to be black I think it just looks better than a mismatch of colours. All of them have to be facing the same way and must be the same TYPE of hanger. 

Tip : use silver tipped hangers for all your new clothes so you can know what's new in your wardrobe. 

2) if you have a wardrobe for your jumpers and coats buy Multi coloured hangers and for example use the blue ones for your light coats eg. Your Mac.

Keep organised this A/W lovelies 

Love T x 

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