Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hey everyone 

I've probably left England by now as this post has gone up, I'm currently in Kenya. The homeland. Representtttt.... Before anyone asks I'm here for personal reasons not holiday -_-

But since I am technically not in school I found some colours to remind me of home whilst I'm away. I just removed my acrylics so my au natural nails aren't in the best shape ... If you know, you knoww the struggle....

I found two really vibrant colours, red and blue , I chose the red mum the blue. 

And a super warm and cosy blanket (a  Union Jack to be exact) for the plane. Is it just me who gets freezing cold in planes ... Hmm 

The brush is sooo slick no lumps or clumps, just sheer smooth application. I've seen you only need about a coat to fully cover the entire nail vibrantly.

I tested how quickly it chips by doing the everyday chores such as dishes, general cleaning etc. It passed ! No chipping for a bout 4-7 days then the tip of the nail began to chip. My suggestion is finding a hefty top coat to secure the colour in place, plus finding one that is also a hardener to keep the nails from breaking.

I would recommend this brand to everyone, if I didn't like it trust me I would have said something..  

4* Rating ||

Love T x

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