October Favourites : Musicc Edition

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hellooo everyone, 

I hope you're all doing well and not catching all them nasty colds going round. It's basically the end of October can you believe it !? I don't know where this years gone to be honest, it just went didn't it. I don't know about you lot but it's starting to get cold, my onesie is out and my wooly socks too lol. 

As I've been listening to a variety of music this month I thought I would do a variety of October favourites the first being : 

The M U S I C. Edition 

Sooooo let's start with those mellow chill tunes ::

Okay can we just step back and talk about LORDE. This girl has changed the game, her album is one of my top10 most listened to albums at the moment. She's so different and this song "Team" is really meaningful like if you listen to the lyrics. Like wow. 

Drizzyy. Drake has always been one of my favourite rappers. I don't know why but I've really been listening to his album "take care" and this song really stood out to me also : 

Pound cake // the beat is just ... To understand listen to it.

Can I just say Jhené Aiko's voice is sooo beautiful and pure. "The Worst" has been my favourite song since she released Sail Out. Amaaazzzinggg, seriously.

I know not many like Ariana Grande but I'm not gonna lie, her album Yours Truly and her new album are really good. "Almost is never Enough" is really heartfelt, a good bath tune lol. 

I put "Stay High" in my mellow chill playlist as it is quite a slow house tune. I could listen to this on repeat all day errrr day, it's a great commute song after a long day.

Next Those Turn Up tuneess :

This was my summer tune and I was still listening to it in October. Tinashe is a great singer and this song will never die old. 

Okay this song is so catchy it's annoying, it was my aunties song for at least 3 consecutive weeks. RAHHHH. You can't help yourself but join in I swear try it an watch how many people join you.

We like to partayy. This song really lightens your mood even when you're not really in the mood I promise you it will wake you up and make you feel all happy . Great song for the morning to start the day happy. 

Those Disney throwbacks : 

My baby cousin has been literally abusing me an threatening me to read the jungle book or watch it with him for like the 100th time so when I'm unable to we sing this song together. Really reminds me about how happy I was when this came out on DVD. Good memories //

Okay so my friend and I went a bit cray cray over our memories and we've been listening to this on repeat. I can't stop now !!!

Those were my October favourites : Music edition and loook out for further editions to come between now and November x

Love T //

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