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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello everyone,

I've been so excited about getting all warm again with coats, layering the whole sha-bang... LFW and NYFW have all come and gone and I've been so inspired by the street style I've seen on blogs. ( By the way I will do a post on the best looks I've seen )

So it's kinda transitioning season where the weathers confused to be honest whether it wants to be as hot as summer or cool autumn weather.

I've looked at some amazing coats that are great for layering, I'm loving the whole chunky scarf look and the faux leather too . I've been using Polyvore to create looks of things I like ( my name is @tiffanyshiz ) or even using it as a virtual wardrobe cause a lot of the stuff they have are accessible so if you are OCD like me then it's perfect.

BURGUNDY&BEIGE are such beautiful colours together in this season here's a really simple look that you can re create with a different crop top or coat like a mac or a leather biker would look slick.
Gold jewlery completes every look it looks expensive and put together without any effort. Adding even a simple statement collar necklace can make the look to be honest. 

I love the two different shades of purple from M.A.C which has a really vampy look to them, if you don't like darks I suggest a nude or a plump gloss something to pull it all together. With the lipstick the main aspect of makeup here you don't need to go overboard with the rest of your face, if it's one of those sunny but cold days i suggest a large pair of sunglasses such as this collection :


I love the top all black sunglasses the frame is so retro but the black gives a chanel oh la la feel to it. 

All the items I have posted can be found here : 

Sunglasses : 

I hope you likee 

T x

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