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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

hello world,

I hate to say it but schools in a matter of days for me and I feel the need to do a post for al of you guys going into uni,college, sixth form or for any of you who have non uniform.

All items are under £20 ( images are not owned by me )

The Business Student:

For the clever ones among us who are studying business or law etc. here are some staples that I think you'll all need in the coming year :


A pair of black slacks make everything look smart and they're really practical which helps whatever the situation. I love these ones from H&M they're smart and the gold detail adds an individual look to the ordinary pair of slacks.

price : £14.99
size : 8-20
colours: 4 other options on sale at the moment for £5 


A shirt is an essential staple piece in your wardrobe, any colour and design depending on your style they usually look smart and presentable. This one has a vertical pin stripe which looks really bright. Also from H&M.

price: £14.99
size: 8-20
colours: 2 additional prints 


shooooeeeeeeessssssss.... I love shoes but finding a shoe that isn't the normal loafer or black heels for a student can be quite irritating. ASOS do great shoes for under £20 and these were on of them. If you're not to sure about them watch the catwalk that's what changed my mind about them.

price: £20
size: 4-9

The Sports Student:

For the active lot among us who enjoy sports rather than watching it and have chosen this as a career here are some items that will cater your sporting needs.


A basic pair of joggers are essential they're super comfy it'll be like you're in pj's. These are soft and look smart not baggy which is great.obvs.

price: £20
size: 8 10 14 16
colours: navy&grey


Nike women's wear usually is like £25 up but I've found out that it really isn't. This tank top is comfortable, looks simple and can be matched up with some joggers or shorts etc.

price: £20
size: XS-L
colours: grey/pink/purple


these shorts are such a beautiful colour and look great on, I actually have a navy pair for school and they're sooooo comfortable.

price: £15
size: M-XL

That's my back to school post done I hope you find a few items that catch your eye and that will inspire you. 

Love you guys.

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