Saturday, July 05, 2014

Hello world ,

Happy belated 4th of July to all you American readers! Okay I don't know about you other English folk but it's turned into a mass sauna around here, I feel like a melting piece of ice. Tried having a cold shower and let me tell you those things don't work... But I shouldn't complain because here in the UK we've never gotten heat like this ! Highs of nearly 30c on a daily basis, if someone told me that last winter I would have thought your high to be honest.

Today's post is all about hair. Blond hair, blue hair, long hair, thick hair. You name it.

Recently my hairs become really dried out which I think is due to the change of climate and because of it my hair is gradually becoming damaged. Which kinda sucked until my friend Nena ( whose feet featured a while ago here : ) mum told me about oils. At first I was kind of like " oils are for food " but she explained what types of oil to use such as Jasmine, mustard, almond oil etc. Once I got my phone out and started googling into the world of oils I found out that they are immensely good for : 

• Getting vitamins into your hair naturally 
• Encouraging growth within your hair
• Developing thicker hair 
• Hydrating your hair 

These are just a few that I found and my jaw dropped. I was surprised that one oil could do so much but it must be pure not diluted or mixed with chemicals.

Thanks to Nena's mum ( shout to her : thank you for sharing your wisdom with me x ) I can now share with you guys because I love you guys soo much, what she has shared with me. 

Applying oil regularly can change your hair completely. I know this because so far I've only used it a handful of times and   I'm not the only one seeing the difference, family & friends are too! 

I used mustard oil which I got locally for less than £2 for a huge bottle. Here's a method I've been using and I hope that you guys will see the benefits I've been seeing already. 

Step 1.

Get what you will need :

•mustard oil (pure)
•bowl (microwaveable)
•plastic spoon

Step 2.

Pour some of the oil into a bowl enough to drench your hair entirely. This all depends in the texture and length of your hair .

Step 3.


Place your bowl into the microwave and heat for about 30 seconds on the highest heat.

Step 4.

Once heated remove and stir to allow air to run through it as it can be really hot !

Step 5. 

Seperate hair into small sections and massage the oil from root to tip, making sure the oil is well distributed. Massage continuously for around 10-15 minutes.

Step 6.

Wrap hair in cling film and use a scarf that you don't like to wrap ontop of the cling film. Leave the oil on overnight ( I would also recommend putting a towel onto your pillow just in case !)

Step 7.

Wash hair as normal & dry.

Step 8.

Flaunt your hair to everyone you see.

That's it guys I hope you get good results xo

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